[Tig] PTR-based film cleaner

David Tosh dlt
Tue Oct 15 19:36:33 BST 2002

First question:
Has anyone had any experience with this PTR based film cleaner?


It uses an alternative cleaning fluid, hydronaphtha that is said to be 
"kodak approved" but a search of the Internet (Google) and Kodak's web site 
don't reveal much more.

Next question:
Has anyone had much experience with PTR and buffer based film cleaners in 
general. I'm still kind of an old-fashioned, ultrasonic bath of 
foul-smelling liquid guy.

No offense, but I'd just as soon _not_ hear form the various manufacturers 
of this kind of device. When I want your pitch, I know where to find it.

David Tosh

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