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Rob Lingelbach robling
Mon Oct 14 23:21:00 BST 2002

On Mon, 14 Oct 2002, Erik Utter wrote:

> Has anyone had a chance to see the IMAX 3D Space Station Film?  I saw it
> last week and highly recommend it.  The 3D effect is good (LCD shutter
> system), and the shots are totally amazing.  There was an interesting

Hi Erik.  I saw the film and I've seen all the IMAX films shot in

I thought the shots were great, the technology great, etc .etc.
but this film has nothing different to offer to me, other than
3d,  than the very first IMAX shuttle film, narrated by Walter
Cronkite, "The Dream is Alive,"  and its sequels, "Blue Planet" 
and another which name I don't recall.

There is no story, no thread of human interest.  Shot after shot
of blobs of water and floating toothpaste seem to say that each
of these films were shot by astronauts for whom these effects
were all wondrous but soon become a bit mundane for us down on

I read of this last film that there was only one opportunity for
an unscripted shot in this last shuttle IMAX film, when someone
was looking out the window at a space walker and happened to see
that it might make a good image and had time to grab and set up
the IMAX camera.

For me, and I'm not the typical moviegoer by any means, if the
shuttle astronauts could just load the camera, point it at earth-
or even toward the moon or e.g. the Pleiades- I'd get more out of
watching it.  

I have a book of images photographed from LandSat in 1978 that
are still, today, most fascinating to me, and to consider that 25
years later we have resolution far beyond what went into that
book, yet i've seen nothing published.

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