[Tig] HD Corrections

Robert Lovejoy rlovejoy
Sun Oct 13 16:39:58 BST 2002

Mike Most is indeed correct that film print has less dynamic range than
negative.  I indeed assumed negative when I said film, as virtually all of
my telecine work is from negative.  I do transfer the occasional print, but
in most of those cases the print has faded somewhat and needs serious
correction, which I can handle relatively easily.

So I suggest for the purposes of this discussion we compare HD origination
to film negative origination, in which case I certainly see a major
difference.  I have not had the opportunity to see anything from the Viper.
The feeling I get from the local production community is that it is strictly
a studio camera, and way too expensive.  If this is wrong, please let me
know so I can pass the info along.

I did indeed see some compression artifacts, but nowhere near as bad as what
I've seen from prosumer formats.

When I see the client who shot the HD again, I will mention the parallel
between HD and film print.  This has been a fascinating experience, and I
thank Mike and Geoff for their insights.  And Jeff, I just posted the
original missive on CML-HDTV.

Bob Lovejoy

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