[Tig] Color correcting my first HD downconversion

Michael D. Most mikemost
Sun Oct 13 06:20:33 BST 2002

> I was trying to say, and I make pictures because I'm not good with words,
> that if you throw away 75% of your colour information then you're severely
> limiting the amount of work that can be done in altering the colour of an
> image in post.

I suppose that should be true in theory, but I still feel that the most
significant limiting factor is the more compressed lower end and midrange
one encounters with either film prints, "standard" HD video (i.e., HDCam
shot material), or tape to tape source, for that matter. All of these
elements have one thing in common - far less available information and/or
detail separation in the blacks and lower midrange, when compared to either
film negative, film interpositive, or Viper Filmstream sources. The color
information isn't "thown away" so much as it is undersampled, compared to
the luminance. This does indeed cause "blockiness" when any extensive color
correction is attempted, but it doesn't result in a lack of available levels
because both the DaVinci and Pandora systems upsample these channels prior
to applying the color transforms.

Mike Most

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