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Today's Topics:

   1. New Product (alandavis)
   2. Cineglyph HD - 15-perf 70mm HD On Discovery HD Theatre (tm) - SMPTE (Ralph Edwards)


Message: 1
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 17:41:23 -0700
From: alandavis <alandavis at 4hippo.com>
To: tig-announce at tig.alegria.com
Subject: [Tig-announce] New Product

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ViewSonic has a new LCD Monitor(22.5"/16 X 10) which will display still
pictures up to 4K Resolution.
For complete information or a demonstration in for Facility, please call

Alan Davis, Digital Synergy
310 892-3887 or E-Mail: alandavis at 4hippo.com

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tel;cell:310 892-3887
tel;fax:310 277-4759
tel;work:310 277-3887
email;internet:alandavis at 4hippo.com
fn:Alan Davis



Message: 2
Reply-To: <redw at sedona.net>
From: "Ralph Edwards" <redw at sedona.net>
To: <tig-announce at tig.alegria.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 17:54:10 -0700
Organization: Independent Representation
Subject: [Tig-announce] Cineglyph HD - 15-perf 70mm HD On Discovery HD Theatre (tm) - SMPTE

DAV and Crest National Laboratories in Hollywood, CA, announce the
broadcast of the first ever 15-perf 70mm HD transfer done on the
Cineglyph HD at Crest.  The film is entitled "Africa's Elephant
Kingdom," and will be shown this Sunday, October 13, on the Discovery HD
Theatre(tm) channel at 9am, 12noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm; times are US
Eastern and Pacific.

Peter Riordan, Director of the Discovery Production Group within
Discovery Communications, Inc., said, "The image detail and resolution
of the 15-perf large format films really lends itself to a
high-definition transfer.  We are able to avoid the generational loss
normally associated with a reduction print.  Overall, we are very
excited with what we've seen here." 

Several tiggers have expressed great interest in this broadcast, which
comes as no surprise to me.  I have been looking forward to making this
announcement for some time.  If you have HD or have access to watch HD
(Circuit City comes to mind), try to see this on Sunday.  The images are
truly stunning.

*Cineglyph HD at SMPTE*

Please come to see the Cineglyph HD at SMPTE in Pasadena, CA, Oct.
23-26, in booth #118 & 120.

Cineglyph HD transfers all SD and HD formats, including 24P, over the
full range of Meta-Speed.  Full-resolution 2K Data is transferred at up
to 15fps via dual-link HDSDI, with 3K and 4K Data in development.
Built-in Primary and Secondary color correction, flexible masking
control, plus extremely impressive multi-standard multi-format
non-recursive grain and noise reduction come standard with the machine
at no extra cost.  Utilizing the Tube Enhancement C2 CRT, with very
short persistence phosphor, Cineglyph HD produces images that are very
sharp and extremely quiet in all formats and standards.

Cineglyph HD outputs the highest quality film transfers available today,
yet is priced for today's market realities.  Imagine a machine that
provides the highest quality SD/HD/Data transfers and enables your
company to amortize its investment.  Such a machine is not imaginary, it
exists now - the Cineglyph HD.  DAV invites all tiggers to visit us at
SMPTE in Pasadena, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Ralph Edwards
Representing the Cineglyph HD for DAV
Cell: 928-821-0121
Email: redw at sedona.net


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