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Wed Oct 9 13:38:40 BST 2002

Hi one and all.
Thought you might be interested to know that I have just finished grading a
DI version of the new Italian live action film, Pinocchio. It goes 'live'
Friday the 11th (yes, this Friday) and the film to be scanned turned up
last Friday. Allowing for the fact I was not in the country 'till this
Monday and the film needs to be on the projection server for the first
screening later today I was glad of the snr. colourist from Technicolor
being able to guide the digital grading to help match that of the celluloid
film version. It did also help that we had access to the IP rather than the
negative, but still, a full film grade in two days isn't bad (one hour 57
mins duration all-in). It was interesting to see a copy of the print and
note where we could 'improve' the grade due to the added flexibility
available to digital graders. There are obviously areas where I would have
like additional time to play but overall the result is not bad. For the
record the IP was scanned in HD RGB via Spirit as a flat low-contrast
technical grade. All dynamic grading was performed in one of Cinecitta's
Quantel iQ(s), with the addition of 6 channel 5.1 audio to aid the process.
Grading was performed looking at a DLP projector output onto a medium size
preview screen.

Most of you have probably been subjected to a copy of my 'off-white' paper
on the setup at Cinecitta, but I have spend some boozy time, in a lovely
little bar in Frascatti, over looking Roma, updating it to take into
account recent developments and experiences. I would be grateful if someone
would offer to look it over for me and make helpful comments.

I just need to get my hands on 'Paul's Balls' now!

Steve Shaw
Digital Praxis Ltd.

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