[Tig] Transforming telecine in realtime low resolution Cineon scanner f or daylies

BLEREAU, Eric eblereau
Wed Oct 9 09:28:12 BST 2002

I would like to share with the community a simple idea : as new Color
correction system like Colossus are able to grade film from Cineon files in
lab film way with print density, and could align their values to a specific
film lab, It will be very nice if we were able to have a double output from
SD telecine. 
One output in Cineon like format which will be upstream in the telecine path
at video resolution (4:4:4 RGB) and perhaps compress for recording on hard
disks and a second output video, colorgrade for Beta sp tape with KeyKode
use for offline editing.

We will be able like that when doing Daylies to do two parallel outputs one
for future use in lab processing and the other  for offline use.

DP will have access to the Cineon files through the Internet and be able
with appropriate software to check their Film Exposure.

Then when editing will be finish It could be conform and grade from the
Cineon files in print density, in the way it is today , but the main
difference will be the use of accurate tools like colour grading system we
use in video and not the dedicated lab devices ( the colour analyzer ).
As the print density values will be use for the colour timing of the
original Neg, the final release of HD video master we will be able take
advantage of that colour timing and master will gain in quality if done from
the original Neg in place of IP.

Film manufacture (Kodak Fudji) will have to work also at tests films which
could be use for auto-align of telecine for the Cineon curve regarding the
kind of stock use by the DP.

This process is not against Digital intermediate, it is just an hybrid way
less expensive but much more  faster compare to the traditional lab colour
It will help to preserve the Neg and colourist to control all the film
Last thing it will give a second life to our SD telecine!

I am waiting for your reaction .

Best regards


I am not paid by any manufacturing company.

{Rob, I apologize I send at first to wrong TIG address}

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