[Tig] Honoraria

Wed Oct 9 00:02:46 BST 2002

After surviving from my annual Amsterdam crud (that's Southern for a bad case 
of the flu)... I have just noticed, with the utmost surprise, to be one of 
those selected for Rob's honorarium.  I am truly honored and humbled to be 
included with such an illustrious group of my fellow peers.  I will wear it 
with pride.

For those that know me, you are aware that about the only language I can 
speak well is "southern"... proper English just isn't in my vocabulary.  
Goodness, I wouldn't even begin to try Latin!  However, being southern born 
and raised... I can shed some light into Rob's posting about  Ralph Kramden, 
of the former Honeymooners TV series:  we southerners refer to the type of 
hat with a tail as a Coon Skin cap (think "Davey Crockett"). 

I would have no problem with JP's suggestion about not washing the t-shirts 
before we get each other's signatures on them.  That's about the amount of 
time it takes before southerners wash clothes anyway.

With appreciation...
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