[Tig] HD VTR Question (Jeff Booth)

Jamesg at rexel.com.au Jamesg
Tue Oct 8 23:51:34 BST 2002

The AJ-HD3700A  (pal)HDD5 vtr plays  back the 24fps tape 4% faster while
recalculating the 25fps code automatically.
It also has a dual time code display on the mon outs comparing the two time
codes. If your playing a 24 fps @ 25 then 25f code is output from the LTC

In all but 23.98 what ever is in the Meta Data stream is recorded in the
meta data area on tape.
More info can be obtained from the USA Panasonic website .David Wiswell has
written many papers on the HD vtrs and how they do stuff.
Then follow the links to "HD cinema"

 "To add an additional complication, apparently the new AJHD3700 does
differently to the older machines."

If your refering to the 'A' model compared to the older 'H' model , the
difference is that the 'A' model records / plays back standard def pal
tapes D5 format uncompressed .

But if your referring to the even older 2700 vtr then this is not a multi
format vtr ,so no 24 to 25 conversion is available .

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