[Tig] honoraria

jp jp
Sun Oct 6 23:37:38 BST 2002

Rob Lingelbach <robling at ucla.edu>   05/10/2002 2:32

> an honorarium, in the form of a t-shirt with special designation
> for all fellow TIGers to see at trade shows and fun nights, will be
> ordered for the following people:

> Julien Saurel    > Jean Pierre Beauviala    > Rich Torpey
> David of Tosh    > Dwaine Maggert           > Bill Topazio
> Dave Satin       > Donna of Options

> the designation will be 'amicus emeritus'  (or amica emerita) and will not
> include the latin translation.  But to explain, these people have spent of
> themselves more than ever could be imagined to help or enhance the tig
> community, and never expected anything in return, except maybe a tshirt, which
> they were too nice to ask for.

Well, Rob, as a fluent speaker of Latin, and as a man getting on to the age
of things emerita, I am very honoured by your proposal. I would ask one
thing, though, and that is that you put "amici emeriti" on the front of the
T-shirt, and ALL our names on the back. That way, we could sign each other's
T-shirts at fun nights. The deal would be that you can't wash your T-shirt
until you've got everybody's signature.

--JP of Aaton

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