[Tig] gobbledygook

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed May 22 23:10:36 BST 2002

so those inscrutable base64-encoded messages might have been
undecodable because of my prepending the 'TWiki' blurb, as
pointed out by Mikko Kuutti.  

I don't know why anyone needs to post base64 messages to this
text-only mailinglist but rather than try to educate people on
this I'll just move the TWiki blurb to the bottom of the
messages.  It won't get as much attention.. instead I'll just
periodically remind everyone to try to participate in the
creation and evolution of our new, 4th-generation collaborative
TIG webpages.  If a few people would just do what Chuck Harrison has
done that probably took him 15 minutes we'd really start to have
something.  Then I can consider how to blend in the more static
parts of the older TIG webpages for manufacturers, facilities,

http://tig.alegria.com/twiki/bin/view/     will take you there.

Rob Lingelbach                          http://www.alegria.com
Sysadm, Computer Animation Lab            rob at film.calarts.edu
California Institute of the Arts           caltech at calarts.edu    

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