[Tig] Black Crushing

Polarextrm at aol.com Polarextrm
Thu May 16 05:49:12 BST 2002

I've go through this all the time. The DP sets a look and a QCer
notes "crushed blacks" and everyone involved automatically thinks
the qcer knows better and the Colorist screwed up.

Just cause the film can show it doesn't mean it's meant to be seen.
Suddenly qcer's have power over creative decisions.

This raises another point I've been meaning to title "Clipping in LA."
I'm working in data and often to HD. Nothing seems to be acceptable
in HD unless you hard clip at 0 and 100 IRE. This is ludicrous! We're
clipping harder than we did with D-1.

Rich Montez
Clipped Colorist

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