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Bruno Munger brunom
Wed May 15 22:32:30 BST 2002

Well.. Sorry two for the first e-mail ... let's try again 
<I agree with Peter, and would consider this type of dual link to be HD
"video" and not "data" at least for clarity.  
The Piccaso System does it's realtime capture trough "video" and not
"data".  However it is possible to transfer file via NFS/FTP to the
Spirint system.. That i would consider "data". I agree that I would not
be applicable in a real-time application.  

<It also seems that Snell is storing this "format" in a DPX file but
most folks might only think of a DPX file as <having at least a minimum
resolution like 2038 x 1536 and have a certain bit-depth.  Obviously
file formats like <DPX and "data pipes" (like dual-link HD-SDI)
themselves don't themselves describe the size, bit depth, and frame
<rate of the imagery stored and/or transported.  This is all getting
very confusing.  We need names for all these <"resolutions" (both color
and detail resolutions) with their frame rate.   
The Digital Picture eXchange file format (ANSI/SMPTE 268M-1994) is
flexible, allowing variable image headers to accommodate the needs of
different application (film, television, etc.). In the Piccaso case we
save the files however a spirint recorder  project is configured. In
this case (original discussion of the ILM press release), it is
1920x1020 @ 24 fps @ 10 bits. 
I hope this helps clarify. 

bruno munger
Snell and Wilcox 
Los Angeles 
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