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Sebastian Sylwan sebastian
Tue May 14 09:02:02 BST 2002

Why do you need two when you can do it on one ?

Any how answer to your question is yes. You can. There's also actually some 
ways to recombine two streams (4:2:2 and 0:2:2) into a single stream.



At 23.10 13/05/2002 +0200, Sergi Maudet wrote:
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>Let me ask a probably silly question:
>Would it be possible then to record a Dual link signal (SMPTE 372M) on two
>compression-free recording devices?
>Sergi Ovide Jr
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>Greg Dildine wrote:
> > Can you clarify further please?  I think when folks see "HD" as you write
>"...HD I/O" via Dual link HD-SDI...,"
>  > they may at least think of one of the "HD 'video'" formats like those
>that can come off a Panasonic HD D5 or
>  > Sony HDCam deck, albeit down a "single" HD-SDI pipe.  Or at least
>when one sees "HD" one may think "real time"
>  > -- i.e. the images can move about (and even be processed (cc'd)) at
>their "intended viewing frame rate."
>The Piccaso works at;
>"1920 x 1080 RGB Proposed SMPTE 372M, Dual Link 292M "
>which is another way and probably a much more accurate way of saying,
>"HD I/O via Dual link HD-SDI"
>Importantly in the original text the words RGB were missing. It should
>also be noted that the scope for the link includes the possibility to
>pass and record Log or Lin signals.
> > Do people consider Dual-link HD to be "data" or "HD 'video?'"
>In the past "Video" has tended to be YCbCr, which of course suffers from
>colour space conversion issues, when transferred to work stations.
>"Data" was comprised of RGB files transferred over a network. Using RGB
>dual-link it is possible to record in "real-time" RGB images onto the
>Piccaso where they are stored in DPX format. The DPX frame on the disks
>would be identical to a DPX frame created and transferred to the same
>device via a "data" method.
>IMHO the words "Data" and "Video" have at times come to mean and
>describe the wrong things.
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