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Greg Dildine greg.dildine
Fri May 10 21:50:05 BST 2002

Can you clarify further please?  I think when folks see "HD" as you write "...HD I/O" via Dual link HD-SDI...," they may at least think of one of the "HD 'video'" formats like those that can come off a Panasonic HD D5 or Sony HDCam deck, albeit down a "single" HD-SDI pipe.  Or at least when one sees "HD" one may think "real time" -- i.e. the images can move about (and even be processed (cc'd)) at their "intended viewing frame rate."

Do people consider Dual-link HD to be "data" or "HD 'video?'"  What is the "spec" for HD-SDI dual-link??  I thought "dual-link" is simple a data pipe with X bandwidth (I don't know X).  So thus, I also thought that HD Dual-link can be used for say an RGB version of 1080i60 HD or RGB version of 1080p24 for example?  

So, one use would be a more "video-like" HD that could come out of a telecine (or camera) and go thru a cc box with a particular color depth and resolution that may be destined and "formatted" to be recorded via single HD-SDI YUV... BUT, via Dual-link this, say RGB "HD 'video'," could hit a DDR or "data" deck like Voodoo or Sony's-coming-next-NAB-one.  This "data" could seems more video-like because it would probably be 1920 x 1080 at either 60i or 24p but RGB (greater color bandwidth than the YUV that would hit HDD5 for example),  can be sent and "pushed" around in "real time" via HD dual-link because the data rate is more "manageable" --  then say, dpx files at color bit depths and resolutions greater than the "HD video 'standards'."  But, both can go down a dual-link pipe but at different "speeds" (or "frame rates"?)  Right?

So, what do I have right here and what's wrong; I hope to hear...

Greg Dildine
Sr. Colorist
Finish - Boston

On Wednesday, May 8, 2002, Bruno Munger <brunom at snellamerica.com> wrote:
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>--- David Bernstein [d_bernstein2000 at yahoo.com]wrote:
><I think the point here, though not well stated, is
><that this system is NOT using data at all, rather RGB
><HD video as the source for the eventual film
><output(digital intermediate, if you prefer).
>For clarification.  I am a snell and Wilcox employee. I am the disk
>product specialist for North America.  
>Therefore, without advertising or doing any marketing whatsoever, here
>are the facts I know. 
>The RGB Piccaso (with 2 "C"s for color correction) system is doing HDI/O
>via Dual link HD-SDI. However, it is doing data from the Digital Disk
>Recorder to the Pandora color corrector box and back to the DDR. The
>data link allows multiple frame rate and resolution grading. The system
>has also everything (once captured) accessible as graphic Files via FTP
>or NFS.   
>Bruno Munger
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>Snell and Wilcox 
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