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I'm not an expert on computer monitors, but from my days as a television 
repairman, I know that the gray scale tracking of a color CRT can change 
with time.  The RGB gain and screen grid bias actually used to be "back of 
the set" adjustments on most color televisions, and needed to be 
periodically set to maintain a neutral scale from black level to whites. 
Wouldn't be surprised if there were equivalent adjustments inside a modern 
CRT monitor.

Not sure that "software adjustments" can completely compensate for a 
mismatch in the basic color tracking of a CRT.

Monitor setup is an important part of many Kodak programs:




I won't even get into the potential color issues with LCD or DLP displays. 

Kodak's Digital Cinema System has "Color Management" very high on the 
priority list:


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Rob Lingelbach wrote:
"We bought 15 Sony OEM'ed (Nokia 445 branded) 21" CRT monitors for
our animation lab.  10 months into use, half of them have
significant colorimetry problems."
Could you define "Colorimetry" problems?  Is the resolution still ok?

How does this problem manifest itself?

Bill Hogan

Rob replied:

sorry for the vagueness.  I have 1 monitor +green overall, out of
range of the software adjustments.  1 is -green overall +blue in
whites.  1 is -blue.  1 is out of range on black level
(elevated).  1 is +red overall.  1 is -green overall, 1 is -blue

overall = blacks through whites

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