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> Does anyone have a Philips VS4 out there? I'd be very appreciative on help 


  We use a VS-4 with excellent results, and have come up with some good base 
settings after hours of tinkering and comparison.   For random dirt, we have 
the following base settings:  size=2D size 3, sensitivity=5, motion=7, dirt 
or splice=dirt only, white or black=white only, aggressive=off, 
With this base setting, we are able to eliminate white dirt events by approx. 
60% with  literally no artifacts on any material.   Specifying black or both 
is also effective for material that contains black events as well--very safe 
base setting.  
For even more thorough elimination approaching 90%, we simply check "on" both 
aggressive and unsteadiness, leaving all other settings the same.   We have 
found that both aggresive and unsteadiness must be checked for minimal 
artifacting.   With this level of concealment, watch for artifacting on 
slates, credits, or other bold lettering content, as well as tips of airplane 
propellers and speakers with exaggerated randomn hand motions--be ready to 
pickup edits if needed--very thorough cleaning, though--puts older technology 
to shame.  
Make sure the correct input standard is selected within the "Setup" menu for 
optimum results!  Because we are usually coming from telecine, we select Film 
30-20 fps mode as a base setting.   Remember that good edge detection is key 
to optimum results--the sharper the content, the generally better your 
results will be.   If you can do work in PAL instead of NTSC, results will be 
even better.

We also have some good settings for scratch concealment---let me know if 
you're interested.

Jim Erickson
Erickson Archival Telecine
EricksonArchival at aol.com

(P.S. looking for a Rank digi IV even for parts, if anyone has one)

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