[Tig] telecine work

Perry Paolantonio perry
Fri May 31 21:07:23 BST 2002

a client of mine [i make DVD's] is about to sign a licensing 
agreement to distribute a few Chinese feature films on DVD in the US. 
These were apparently all done on 35mm film but there is no high 
quality video master available to them.

As such, they've budgeted for telecine work on all of the films. 
apparently they'll be supervising the transfers themselves, as the 
director is in China. My client is located in Central Florida [Tampa].

So, i've been asked to help them find a place that's willing to do 
the work. ...and here's the catch - these are really horrific, 
graphically violent films dealing with experiments on humans in WWII. 
some of it is archival footage, some is dramatization, all of it is 
awful. it will take a strong stomach to sit through this stuff.

there's an outside chance that they may want me to sit in on the 
transfers instead [I'm in Boston], so if you're in Florida or the 
Northeast, and you're willing to take on something like this, contact 
me off list and we'll talk. I'm expecting that they'll be ready to 
start telecine work by Fall of this year.


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