[Tig] Digital Projection

Marc Wielage mfw
Tue Jul 30 09:27:40 BST 2002

Chuck Harrison <cfharr at erols.com> commented on the TIG list on 7/29/02 11:21

> The conventional wisdom is that the DLP "screen door" appearance,
> which sometimes shows up from close seats in bright scenes, can
> be suppressed by appropriately defocussing the projection lens.
> However, it is said that this can also introduce a noticeable
> softening of the image.

No, I can't say that I was aware of any significant "screen-door effect" nor
any advantage of softening the image.

I should also comment that I have no preference for any projector (yet).
We've evaluated the JVC 5000, the brand-new Panasonic DLP (which I worked
with for a few days a couple of weeks ago), and the Christie, and all
delivered similar 1080 24P pictures with the usual pros and cons.  This is
looking at about a 25' screen from maybe 12 or so feet away, give or take.
It's about as close as you'd want to sit at a conventional theater.

--Marc Wielage/Cinesite
  Hollywood, USA

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