[Tig] Digital Projection

Marc Wielage mfw
Mon Jul 29 12:58:51 BST 2002

Dick Hobbs <dick at hobbsassoc.co.uk> commented on the TIG list on 7/29/02
12:29 AM:

> It is not unknown, I understand, for trailers to be cut
> together in standard definition video and blown up.

Not that I've ever heard of.  I've worked on roughly 20 trailer projects
over the last 18 months -- all transferred in 2K, then edited and assembled
in Inferno, then bumped back to film.  I've never in my life heard of one
done in SD for a Hollywood film made in the last 5 years (unless it was that
rare situation of a film shot in 525 video).

Now, I have seen situations where, for whatever reason, the client or
facility chose to quickly finish a trailer in HD 1080 24P, and then
transferred that to film.  But not SD -- at least, not in LA.

If people are seeing jaggies in digital projection, then something else is
going on.  I just spent 8 days and nights on a project staring at a Christie
DLP series 7, and I have a good idea what the pros and cons are with digital
projection.  Jaggies aren't really that much of an issue, per se.

--Marc Wielage/Cinesite
  Hollywood, USA

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