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Lapointe Michel m.lapointe
Fri Jul 26 20:22:11 BST 2002

	Digital projection, film projection....

	I have 3 kids, aged 12, 14 & 15.  

	They go to movies from time to time, but they mainly 
watch computer screen, playing games. Or TV screen.

	Meaning they watched ultra sharp pictures with no depth of field
since they
were born...

	My point is that when their generation  becomes full time consumers
and takes over the world, 
they may not be so sensitive about the quality issues that still gives an
edge to film projection
and make it such a special experience for us. A new panel of judges may find
absolutely correct
or "good enough" something we still find problematic  when we look at it.

	I can very well see them comes to dislikes issues like "film mood" .
And the extra sharpness
available from a digital projection might well be what they consider a
"normal" viewing experience.

Michel Lapointe


bwychgel at yahoo.com wrote:

>Digital projection gives a cleaner, stable image to
>the audience, 

Yes, but with less resolution.  I saw a test of "Clones" shown at NAB on 
a Christie DLP projector.  I was in the second row.  Jaggies galore.  Not 
a pleasant experience...  1280 x 1024 can't compare to a frame of 35mm.

The new JVC 2K D-ILA was a lot more impressive -- I could walk up to the 
screen, and at under a foot, barely see pixels.  This is the techology 
Kodak is embracing for their digital cinema efforts.

But remember, there's no incentive for the theaters to go digital -- they 
won't sell any more popcorn...

Jeff "buttered" Kreines


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