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Greg Dildine greg.dildine
Fri Jul 19 18:24:03 BST 2002

Lovejoy & Festa, well said!  I too think that the Emmys & Academy folks should have a color category.  Lovejoy indeed makes a very valid point that a great looking high production value piece may not necessarily have the best color enhancement.   And it's my opinion that the monitor awards mostly went to spots that had the biggest production and post budgets, and although the colorists certainly contributed to their beauty/impact the award for "best color correction" may not have been as deserved as a spot with a lower budget that the colorist working with his/her clients really enhanced, changed and "repainted" (to use the current analogy).  Only Colorists, DP's and others that work with colorists daily should be the judges.

Greg Dildine
Senior Colorist
Finish - Boston
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On Thursday, July 18, 2002, Robert Lovejoy <rlovejoy at comcast.net> wrote:
>Neal and all,
>???? The closest thing I have ever seen to some sort of
>meaningful award for colorists was on the Simpsons.? Krusty the
>Klown?(quite bored) announced the category of best film to tape
>transfer at an award show, and I fell off the sofa.
>???? We have a hard job to categorize, and there is much
>fuzziness between our work and the work of a DP.? Certainly,
>should a beautifully shot film come in, we can and to tweak it
>to perfection so all may marvel at its beauty, but what of the
>more amazing work we do taking film which may not have been
>shot so well, or under such perfect conditions, and making it
>look better?? Easy as it is to reward a beautiful piece of
>film, how can the general public know of the saves and the
>fixes we bring to the less spectacular shoots?? How can there
>be an award for rapport with a client?
>???? As much as I'd love to see us get the public recognition
>we deserve, we all know the best transfer isn't necessarily the
>most beautiful film, but the one we bought back from
>not-quite-beauty.? I guess our awards have to be returning clients.
>Bob Lovejoy
>Shooters Post & Transfer
>Philadelphia, PA

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