[Tig] employment ad policy

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Jul 15 03:38:25 BST 2002

Due to a recent posting to the main TIG for a 'situation wanted' I've 
received many inquiries asking if subscribers can post their availability
for work to the TIG.  Traditionally we have had all such advertising on the
tig-announce mailinglist; I adjusted the policy about 6 months ago to allow
'help wanted' ads on the main TIG because 1) the business situation in most
of the world is such that subscribers want to know about openings
immediately; 2) there are fewer openings than there are people available; 3)
the TIG was originally set up for colorists and engineers, who will benefit 
from an ability to see these ads as soon as possible.

I don't see at the moment any great need to change this policy so for the 
immediate future if you need to get a message out about your availablity
please send it to:  tig-announce at tig.alegria.com (i.e. don't send to the
main tig list), and if you are an employer and want to advertise a job, send
it either to that address or straight on to the main TIG
(tig at tig.alegria.com).   thanks for your understanding.

incidentally, _every_ tig subscriber receives the tig-announce commercial
supplement as a digest message, and it is distributed once a day at 1749

Rob Lingelbach      http://www.alegria.com      rob at calarts.edu

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