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Mike Parsons mikeparsons
Thu Jul 11 00:15:11 BST 2002

Radical idea time...

Why don't ITK work out how much their running costs are then get the
Millenium owners (or other interested end users) divide that up between them
as an annual 'licensing fee' which entitles them to everything free as its
developed. In essence ITK becomes an in house developer for their end users.

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> Innovation TK Ltd is attempting to restructure it's affairs or sell the
> business as a going concern and in order to achieve this the Directors
> applied for an administration order. During this period which should last
> days the company phones will be on answer phone but the messages will be
> taken and calls returned.  Any interested parties should either call
> +441992553533 or e: mail general at innovation-tk.com.
> I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those wonderful people
> sent Stuart and I dozens of messages of encouragement, they really did
> us get through last week.  It seems that many of you out there, were
> definitely routing for the rather eccentric David, who attempted to become
> major player among the Goliath's and I am sincerely sorry that we let you
> down.  With the loyal staff waiting for the call to return, the 27
> Machines round the world doing good work for their owners, Stu and the
> having new products on the drawing board, I am sure someone will come
> to make a serious offer to take the company onto the next stage.  Thank
> all for seven wonderful years.
> Love Delphi
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