[Tig] new format for Earthly Telecines

Sebastian Sylwan sebastian
Mon Jul 8 22:31:04 BST 2002


I guess i did that too. Only i forgot to tell the world i had done so.

You should get something like "auto notice" when somebody updates something...

mine is (if i don't remember it wrongly) at TelecineWorld


Sorry about that...


At 13.53 08/07/2002 -0700, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>Chuck Harrison has kindly kick-started the formatting of the
>WorldTelecines webpage in the TWiki area of the tig.  It's going
>to take even more work than I already did to get the information
>in there, but in the end it will be worth it because anyone who
>is registered in the Twiki space can change the data.
>It's going to look like this:
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