[Tig] D6 tape costs?

Digital Praxis digital.praxis
Sun Jul 7 16:43:09 BST 2002

> $450 U$. It is the most cost effective method of storing large amounts of
> data. I have done the math.
> As for anyone adopting this format I am not sure what that means. No user
> am aware of is currently moving large amounts of data to this format.

Of interest, Cinecitta are in the process of using D6 Voodoo in data format
to backup the 3 movies being worked on within their digital lab that are
being shot on the Viper camera. Should be a few 10's of Tbytes! It seems to
work well, after a small initial hiccup. A good partner to the iQ we have
found. Just a bugger its so expensive. But then I can't think of an
alternative. Anyone got any other ides?

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