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Peter D. Glassberg pdgdavin
Tue Jul 2 18:47:35 BST 2002

Dear Delphine,

My heart aches for you and all the wonderful people at ITK. This is a 
terrible disappointment and loss to
our industry.  I personally will miss our conversations.

Delphi, you better come back kicking ass with a new company.  I will miss 
not continuing on.  Please stay in touch.
Let me know if there is anything I can do

My best wishes to all of your staff and looking forward to working with you 
in the future.



At 05:52 AM 7/2/02 -0400, DDDurrant at aol.com wrote:
>Due to the present global economic climate Innovation TK Limited regret to
>announce that as from Monday 1st July 2002 has ceased trading. Negotiations
>continue with an interested third party for the purchase business. If any
>other parties are interested in purchasing the business please contact Roland
>Lewis +441992534506.
>Innovation TK Limited
>No marketing or advertising on the tig.  (help wanted ads excepted)
>Send such submissions to rob at tig.alegria.com.
>...and beware any posts to this mailinglist that appear
>  to promote products without disclaiming financial interest.
>Thank you Mike Orton and Weird Science for supporting the TIG.
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