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Dave Corbitt david_corbitt
Wed Jul 31 13:58:58 BST 2002

At 11:21 PM 7/30/02, Marc Wielage wrote:
>While I would prefer not to go into the specifics of my observations in
>public, I can say that any experienced colorist who has to work with a big
>DLP for the first time will be fairly astonished by the differences between
>it and a conventional Sony HD monitor.  The expression "oil and water" comes
>to mind.
>--Marc Wielage/Cinesite


Can you explain a bit more? You say there is a huge difference but what 
exactly are the colorists' reactions to a big DLP projector versus the 
usual Sony HD Monitor? Which one is preferred esthetically and for all 
other image analysis related issues, and which one is "oil", which one 
"water" and what does that mean anyway in more objective terms?


Dave Corbitt

david_corbitt at thomaselectronics.com
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