[Tig] Vialta?

Rich Torpey rtorpey
Mon Feb 25 19:26:21 GMT 2002

Hi Rick,
I think I was pretty clear that I was discussing mechanical/optical systems.
I'm aware that after portraying advantages of the optical capabilities of
the Vialta in repositioning/resizing images as a way to avoid the degrading
effects of using DVE type manipulation Sony is no longer positioning those
capabilities as more then preliminary setup adjustments. If you read my
earlier postings you'll see that I did not discuss the programmable
limitations of the mechanical/optical systems - just the difficulty in
trying to use them in doing the day to day functions that colorists need and
producing the kind of imagery that is expected of a modern telecine suite.

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From: "Harding, Rick" <Rick.Harding at am.sony.com>

> Rich:
> I think some following this stream may be unaware that you are talking
> optical functions here and not electronic.  As you know, Vialta's optical
> function was never intended for the applications you are referring to. The
> optical functions are intended to allow proper video framing of images
> without need of electronic blow up; not for programmable moves.  As you
> know, Vialta has the full arsenal of electronic moves for the applications
> you describe below.
> Regards,
> Rick

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