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Harding, Rick Rick.Harding
Wed Feb 20 06:06:24 GMT 2002

Sony has never had a plan to do 70mm. The market is very small and it is
already being serviced. As for higher resolution scanning, I assume this
means 2K.  Sony is very interested in developing 2K scanning.  In fact
Vialta's intermittent capture, full array scanning, gives it the inside
track for real time 2K.  Flying spot and line array systems require
continuous movement of film across the aperture.  For real time 2K this
means light output must be increased by up to 50% to obtain sufficient
exposure, line by line.  With fixed array imaging, exposure time and light
source remain the same regardless of the size of array. Since all lines are
exposed at the same time this makes real time 2K much easier to attain. 

Hope that's what you wanted to hear, Rich.

Rick H.

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 James Leong wrote:

> Anybody can transfer 70mm to Video?
There are a number of facilities that can do 70mm - Crest in LA was one
of the first.

> Can I upgrade the Cintel URSA Gold or Sony Vialta into 70mm gate in
> future?

Several manufacturers have 70mm options for their telecines - Try
contacting Cintel, ITK or Thomson (Philips). Unfortunately the last word
we got on the Vialta was that Sony was no longer interested in 70mm or
higher res scanning. I'd love to hear differently - Rick H. any word?

Rich (insert standard disclaimer here) Torpey

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