[Tig] Vialta?

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Fri Feb 22 17:02:02 GMT 2002

So, then, if we concentrate on technology...

I think the tech behind Vialta is very interesting and promising.  Clearly
there are advantages to using a set of full frame imagers.  This, in
contrast to the subsampled approach of a Spirit.  When compared to
flying-spot designs, the argument is that the full frame imager has a lot
more time to acquire and, because of this, signal performance is enhanced.
I couldn't voice opinion because I've only been exposed to Vialta at
tradeshows.  The other machines I know work well for what each one is good

I particularly like two very ingenious aspects of Vialta.  First, the way
light is mixed.  The fine control over RGB light content and the ability to
apply gain in the optical domain.  It's a good approach.  Second, the
capacitive film stabilization technique.  I love the simplicity of the
design.  Since the film is not moving during exposure (and so much time is
available) stabilization is very effective.  I was exposed to the issues of
stabilization with the EPR when I worked at Encore Video R&D (way back
when).  It's a much simpler problem (and the solution more effective) if the
frame isn't moving.

According to Sony brochures, processing is mostly 12 bit log/16 bit linear.
On par, if not better to some of the competing machines.

So, what's wrong with the machine?  Not have hands-on experience with it can
only use available printed literature.  My preference would be for a sensor
that goes beyond 1920 x 1080, for many reasons.  One, is that you can't do
real 2K scans with this machine.  The working definition I have of what we
call "2K scan" is at least a 10 bit log or 12 bit linear 2048 x 1536 RGB
image delivered as a Cineon or DPX file.  So, clearly, much like a Spirit.
The Vialta would have to interpolate values in order to produce a 2K scan,
if  defined as I did above.

Is superior sensing technology available?  Yes.  For those of you attending
the Hollywood Post Alliance in Palm Springs this week, be sure to stop by
and say hello to Kerry Van Iseghem of Photon Vision Systems.  They have a 4K
x 2K CMOS sensor that will do at least 30 fps at 10 bits per pixel.  And
that is not the state of the art.
BTW, tell him I sent you.  He'll charge you double!  :-)

Any of the above wrong?  Anything important missing?

Martin Euredjian
eCinema Systems, Inc.
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