[Tig] Vialta?

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Thu Feb 21 19:24:37 GMT 2002

From: "Emory Cohen" <ecohen at laserpacific.com>

>Our experience has been different from what I have read in this stream.

Emory,  I just re-read my posts to make sure I was satified with not having
engaged in "Sony bashing".  I don't think I have.  If any of it was
interpreted that way, then the reader needs to disregard this
interpretation.  While I may have my differences with Sony, what is said in
a public forum must consider the publishing medium, if anything to be fair
to the parties involved.

Now, in the interest of fairness, you know very well that you and Laser
Pacific certainly don't get the same level of attention that Martin
Euredjian, Joe Blow or a little corner facility get from any of these huge
multi-national corporations.  I can get middle-of-the-night calls from
support guys in the UK or Florida if I have problems here in Los Angeles.
Japan?  C'mon!  It took me six months and lots of perseverance to get
control protocols for a camera system after NDA's were signed and dozens of
emails went back and forth.  You, in contrast, could probably get it
overnighted just by asking.

But that's the way the world turns, isn't it?  No worries, be happy.

Martin Euredjian
eCinema Systems, Inc.
(661) 305-9320
ecinema at pacbell.net

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