[Tig] Vialta?

Emory Cohen ecohen
Thu Feb 21 18:55:08 GMT 2002

Our experience has been different from what I have read in this stream.  We have been using our Vialta for nearly a year.  It is used around the clock, six days a week, transferring 35mm to HD almost exclusively.  The results have been excellent and the support excellent as well, both from the local techs and from Japan.  Rick Harding has never hesitated to respond when we need him.  

We have four Spirits as well and consider ourselves fortunate that the Spirits and the Vialta have been as solid as we hoped when we made the investments.  Considering the complexity of a high-definition, multi-format telecine machine both manufacturers deserve praise, not undue criticism.  Given the relative youth of the Vialta it should not be a surprise that there are some improvements that Sony is still working on.  The same thing happens on every new major product introduced into our industry.

With respect to Sony-bashing, Sony is imperfect, but compared to other manufacturers on whom we rely, they do stand out as one of the companies who strive to make the products they sell actually work as advertised. 

Emory Cohen
Laser Pacific  

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