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Hi Jim,

We are perhaps a bit unique, whereas Sony are literally just a few streets away from us.  They are on call for us at anytime.  Our Sony engineer has spent more than his fair share of time with us.  Again, we were the first place to really use the machine, so it was obviously in their best interest to make sure we were running happily.  I'm not sure what the deal is in the USA, but we have been pretty happy.

Admittedly, dealing with Sony can be a little hard, having to cut through the international red tape, but our sales rep has been great in cutting that for us.

Perhaps someone should contact Rick Harding and let him know the problems.


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  Hi Eric,

  I really was not trying to be "harsh" . I Actually like the Vialta. I have done work on four different Vialta's in the last 2 years. I personally think its look resembles that of an IP transfer done on a CRT Telecine. I love a good IP. I seems to me (from were I'm sitting) that there is a service issue with Sony. I have seen evidence that brings into question their ability to support the units in the field. How has your support been in the land down under?


  The Vialta does have a unique setup. I have found that it helps if the colorist has a little background setting up video cameras. It makes explaining the fundamentals a bit easier.


  My apologies to my friends at NFL, it slipped my mind that they had a Vialta.


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