[Tig] Spirit resolution (was: National Gallery of Canada)

Mikko Kuutti mikko.kuutti
Tue Feb 19 06:51:01 GMT 2002


Regarding a "native" resolution on the Spirit. As I understand it, the 
1920 array won't ever exactly match the output. It is in a fixed 
position relative to the film, and there's no physical zoom. Zoom and 
pan controls rely on image processing, and everything the Spirit outputs 
is interpolated.

Does anyone know for sure sure?

The original issue of preserving the 16 mm prints warrants a comment. 
John should first make duplicate negs from the prints. If these are 
stored in proper conditions, they'll last for hundreds of years. That's 
quite a bit more than anyone can promise for digital media.


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P.S. Scanning film in 50i will yield exactly the same results as 
scanning in 24p when going back to film. The benefit is a simple path to 

On Tuesday, February 19, 2002, at 03:28 , Martin Euredjian wrote:

> I'm not sure that your 1B is appropriately placed there.  If we define 
> 2K to
> mean 2048 x 1536 .cin or .dpx files (meaning 10bit log RGB or 12 bit 
> linear
> RGB, not YCbCr), then the Spirit has to interpolate pixels to generate 
> this
> data.  Couple this to the fact that it sub-samples color information 
> from
> the get-go and you might very well have an image that will not compare
> favorably to the same machine operating at HDTV resolution (which is 
> native
> to its sensor array) and recording to a non-compressed format.
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>> Hi Martin, hi John,
>> I would add some more steps for your scale to look like this:
>>> (I'm sure some of my colleagues might have differing opinion here)
>> then let's start
>> 0- 4K scanning full bandwidth RGB (for example, Millenium...) record to
> data
>> tapes
>>> 1- Full bandwidth RGB scanning (for example, Cineon), record to data
> tapes
>> (4K maybe!?)
>> 1A- 2K scanning full bandwidth RGB (Millenium) record to data tapes
>> 1B- 2K scanning (Spirit)  record to data tapes
>> 1C- 24P HDTV scanning on a telecine and recording to D6
>>> 2- 24P HDTV scanning on a telecine and recording to D5
>>> 3- 24P HDTV scanning on a telecine and recording to HDCAM
>>> 4- Any non-24P HDTV scanning (not recommended)
>>> 5- HDTV scanning on a telecine and high-grade down-convert/digital
> record
>>> 6- SDTV scanning in PAL/digital record
>>> 7- SDTV scanning in NTSC/digital record
>>> 8- Any form of analog recording
>> Alex Pimentel
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>> Sao Paulo Brazil

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