[Tig] Vialta?

Michael Burton mburton
Sun Feb 17 22:28:09 GMT 2002

It's a shame to hear that Vialta users aren't getting the support they
require. Our support from Sony in Australia is first class and our Vialta
runs flat out doing 16 & 35mm; mostly HD.
What sort of problems are you having Rich?

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Jim Mann wrote:
>                 BVI in Miami are the only people still making a go of it
with the Vialta.
 Everybody else (on the east coast) has either gone out of business, or
 thrown the thing out the window.

Jim - the last time I spoke with NFL Films they were still using their
Vialta but only in 16mm - the gate change is an "interesting" process
and they do have quite a few Spirits also so they don't need to depend
as heavily on the Vialta.

> It's a shame really, it made a nice clean
> picture when it was setup correctly and had some cool features. You would
> think Sony would want to support it but who knows what they are thinking.

Agreed - just a few small changes at Sony and it could have been an
excellent telecine.
Rich (insert standard disclaimer here) Torpey

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