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Dave Corbitt david_corbitt
Thu Apr 18 13:17:13 BST 2002

At 10:54 PM 4/17/02, bobineinc at aol.com wrote:
>hi all
>" the t5-small maches perfectly the true day light"
>..........Not to mention most of the people change there fluorescent tube 
>when they flicker witch means that the tube changed from 6500k to 1000k or 
>less during the course of it life time.
>Jias / Bobine ( pronounce Bo been)


I disagree. Fluorescent tubes do not change color temperature as they age. 
They may have reduced light output and start to flicker as the cathode 
material depletes but the phosphors do not change their spectral 
characteristics over time. The problem with fluorescent illumination is the 
non-continuous and spikey spectrum of the phosphor light emission and the 
various bright and very sharp Mercury emission lines of the glowing plasma 
within the bulb giving the spectrum a very uneven energy distribution. 
Filtered halogen lamps will give a smooth spectrum however they will change 
color temperature when the lights are dimmed. Cold Cathode lamps, perhaps 
the best choice for telecine suites, are the kind of illumination that make 
for the closest to ideal lighting for a telecine suite. They can be dimmed 
without flicker, last a real long time, and can be formed in any shape 
called for by the architect. Drawback is they are not cheap. But a good 
designer can take advantage of the cold cathode lamps flexibility to create 
great background light.

I do not work for any lighting people and have no financial interest in 
any. Just a field I enjoy discussing and reading about.

Dave Corbitt

david_corbitt at thomaselectronics.com
Thomas Electronics Inc.
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