[Tig] The TIG continues to need your financial support

bob at bluescreen.com bob
Tue Apr 16 03:03:04 BST 2002

Now that people have returned from the madness that is NAB, and the
discussions on "what's new" and which manufacturer is exaggerating about what
product are flowing, a brief note to remind everyone that Rob finances this
excellent resource from his own pocket, supplemented with voluntary
contributions from you, the subscribers.

Between the internet connection, the hardware, and the endless amounts of work
required to keep the system tweaked and running, it's quite a handful both in
terms of time and money, and it's not reasonable to expect Rob to bear the
burden alone.

To that end, I'd like you all to think about what a remarkably useful resource
for getting answers the TIG has been during the past several years, and what a
great place to hang out and just lurk or talk to your peers. 

And with the current and coming upheaval in all parts of the biz as DVCam
lowers the bar while hidef and other non-film color correction increases in
popularity, think how helpful it will be to have a place where these issues
can be discussed in relative calm with others who are in the same situation as

Please dig deep and send Rob something to offset the new startup costs and to
keep the TIG flourishing. 

My suggestion for individuals is an annual contribution of $25 to $50. 

Companies who have several colorist/engineering employees and people in
executive positions who use the TIG as a resource should give until it hurts a
little. My suggestion for these companies is an annual contribution of $200,
or the cost of two client lunches with wine at a very nice restaurant,
whichever is higher.

And companies who frequent the TIG, and who sell equipment to the telecine
community, and who have contributed nothing to the TIG's upkeep should be
ashamed of themselves. If you are part of such a company, and you or your
employees lurk here and pick up valuable information to help with your bottom
line, I think a $500 annual contribution, or the cost of sending a *single*
employee to NAB, whichever is higher, would be appropriate.

Never be afraid to insult Rob by giving him money. He has very thick skin.

Contributions should be sent to:

Rob Lingelbach
School of Film/Video
California Inst. of the Arts
24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA  91355

with checks made out to Rob Lingelbach.

Alternately, PayPal can be used for those who subscribe to that service. Just
go to: http://tig.alegria.com/cgi-bin/listinfo/tig, scroll down to the bottom
of the page, and click on the "Make a Donation" button.


Bob Kertesz
BlueScreen LLC

The Ultimate in ULTIMATTE? compositing.  
For details, visit http://www.bluescreen.com

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