[Tig] RE: Thomson Data Camera

Uwe Braehler uwe
Mon Apr 15 14:17:01 BST 2002

On 14 Apr 2002 at 13:11, Neil B. Feldman wrote:
> In addition, I noticed that when the camera was taken out for some "live"
> images, the scene displayed was only a lock-down shot of the sunrise over
> the mountains.  There were no pans or zooms or moves.  The only motion in
> the image was of gentle ripples on a pond, and a brief glimpse of a jet
> passing in the distance...
For clarification:
The "data" output of the viper  is 4:4:4 RGB. We could not shown live 
images from the viper on the screen in the film imaging module cause the 
input of the projector was 4:2:2 YUV. We had no  in-a-box 4:4:4 RGB to 
4:2:2 YUV converter (if there is one at all), so we fed the images through 
the Specter. Big advantage of this approach was  that we could feed the 
signal through a color corrector too. As a contribute to Geoff Boyle, we 
mainly showed his sunrise shot but others like a shot out of car on the 
strip in the night had been on the screen too. 

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Thomson Multimedia
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