Thomson data camera (was: Re: [Tig] NAB)

Sergi Maudet sergi-maudet
Sun Apr 14 15:41:36 BST 2002

>> Star product that impressed me today was the Thomson data camera.
>I'd like to know what that is, can someone elucidate?

Sorry if this was already told by someone else, I just came back from

I have little info:

-It is based on the 9.2million-pixel HD-DPM+ CCDs
-It works 12bit linear during processing, and outputs 10bit-log, according
to a curve setup by Technicolor.
-It is 4:4:4 RGB sampling, there are no color-space conversions.
-Data is output by two separate HD-SDI signals.
-It has two operating modes: the usual HDTV mode and the filmstream (data
-This data mode has no setup menus (ie skin detail, matrix, gamma...), not
even black/white balance.
-It can work in several different aspect rations, just by re-combining the
9.2million pixels, without cropping the image.

What they seem to be looking for is to get this to work as you work now in
film: while shooting you just take care of aperture and focus. Then you got
data (as you do with your telecine). At thiis point you work exactly as with
cinema: you use your DaVinci to color correct, and so on.

Equipped with the brand new Zeiss DigiPrime lenses, it all gets one step
closer to film.

The main problem: no recoring support. They are now offering Vodoo D6 (not
very suitable for field use) or third-party Director's Friend (Hard Disk
recording with some editing capabilities).

I hope this helps.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by Thomson, so this is not marketing. Even worse,
my company owns CineAlta camcorders...


Sergi Ovide

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