[Tig] Current small gauge film telecine and scanning options

Joss Winn joss
Wed Apr 10 23:24:50 BST 2002


I'm a student studying Film Archiving (yes, the degree does exist!)
and I'd like to get an overview on the current options for putting
16/9.5/S8/8/mm film to a digital format.  

Are there certain models of telecine that are commonly used for the
transfer of small gauge film?  What about scanning?  I have recently
heard about scanning being used for small gauge film
and am wondering how this procedure differs from 35mm scanning. Real
time scanning was also mentioned, which I was unaware of.

If I could get some kind of overview on what the current options are
for small gauge film, I'd be really grateful.


University of East Anglia, UK

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