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Pedro Conforti pedroconforti
Wed Apr 3 10:30:13 BST 2002

on 02.04.2002 8:39 PM, Rob Lingelbach at rob at film.calarts.edu wrote:
>> colorist who would create a list with his clients, then take his leave of
>> the session to start another session in another suite, leaving his
>> assistants to lay down the film.  Mind boggling! (Is this an urban legend? I
>> hope so!).
> It's more often the rule in the top facilities in L.A.

I always found it the best way to get assistants into the real work, while
giving the colorist some time to breath fresh air and maybe take a walk
outside the suite... it is good to check out if the real world is still
there sometimes!

By the way, is it a commom practice over there to have assistants all the
time inside the telecine bay? We do have some here, but it is really a
painfully slow process to pick someone and transform him into a colorist
(even more after he is well know by the clients as an assistant).

But I guess there's no other way. Am I wrong? How long do your assistants
take to do their first dailies? Do you usually give them planned lessons or
its on the old "learning on the day-by-day" basis?

Just curious about the way things work outside my small world...



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