[Tig] Primary vs. Secondary! The confusion rages on.

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Apr 3 01:15:54 BST 2002

On Thu, Mar 28, 2002 at 10:46:57PM -0800, Martin Euredjian wrote:
> From: "NextGen Assoc Stan Chayka" <schayka at nuwaveinc.com>
> > I am having a good chuckle over the various explanations of the
> differences
> > between primary and secondary correction.
> >
> > Especially since the posting identified the type of color corrector he is
> > asking about.
> >
> > Is it really that cloudy out there?  or am I not reading his question
> > correctly?
> Geez, that's useful!  I certainly learned a lot!

Stan said several things in his post that were 'between the lines'.  Many of
us can appreciate the fact that he didn't tell us what we already know, and 
that he didn't take the opportunity to trumpet his considerable involvement 
in the design and production of the devices mentioned.  Not every posting need 
be pedantic, and humor is not disallowed :].

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