[Tig] drop/nondrop translation utility?

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Wed Nov 21 10:04:11 GMT 2001

There is a very very good timecode calculator for the Palm OS available. It
is called "Freetime" and is available from www.ilap.com/pheg/hts

Converts everything to everything (even KeyKode). I've never tried drop to
non drop, but I'm sure it's in there.

There is also a Palm emulator available for a PC (it's on the Palm website)
but you have to own a Palm for it to work (you have to download the OS from
the Palm to the PC)

Jeff Booth
Soho Images

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> original tapes (dv) are drop drame, they were duped to tapes
> at which the '0' corresponds but then go merrily along 
> using nondrop code.
> is there a translation table or calculator that will track
> the additive error?
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