[Tig] Re: Tig HDCAM for 2.35 (again)

Rick_Harding at spe.sony.com Rick_Harding
Sat Nov 3 06:28:24 GMT 2001


See comments below:
> After reading the posting on the Sony Vialta Optical  Zoom Capability
> I would like to ask a few questions concerning the Optical zoom
capability on
> the Sony Vialta.

> 1. What is the Zoom range on the Vialta, and are there any limiting
> due to the lens?

Approximately 2 to 1 zoom ratio.  No, limiting factors.

> 2.  Is the Zoom programmable and is it repeatable?

Optical positioning is not intended for programmable moves. It is
intended for initial framing.  Framing positions are stored in program.
When calling up a config, zoom will go to the position stored.  Usually
it will recall to the exact position stored, however it is not 100%
accurate at all times.  Occasionally the position will require a slight
trim adjustment.  The zoom mechanism is not designed for robotic

> 3. Are the Pan and Scans programmable?

Although Vialta has mechanical X, Y, and rotate functions, they are not
intended for programmable pan and scan.  This is accomplished
electronically, and of course the electronic moves are programmable.

Hope that answers your questions.

Rick Harding

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