[Tig] HDCAM for 2.35 (again!)

Dominic Case dominic_case
Thu Nov 1 05:14:36 GMT 2001

>I'm still puzzled by the "demand" for 2K and above in light of Lucas' 
>(and others it seems) acceptance

What's the puzzle, Greg?

Lucas has made a career out of trailblazing, whether or not the technology
is ready for him. It's not about deciding on standards of accepatance for
the rest of the industry (we're all capable of deciding on our own standards
thank you very much!), it's about "pushing the envelope" or "bringing the
future forward". 

Lucas is bold enough / rich enough / successful enough / arrogant enough
(pick whichever suits you) to want to be out there with the first of
everything. Or even before the first of everything. Because of his profile,
his behaviour probably accelerates the development of /demand for the new
technologies, or alternatively maybe it accelerates the commercial
acceptability of lowered standards of quality.

I reckon he's the guy who gets version one of everything, and rides out the
bugs. (Perhaps we should even be grateful.)  But it doesn't mean that the
standards that he uses today are acceptable to everyone else for all time,
just because he's Lucas.  

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